About Me


My Work

I'm a middle school teacher. I've taught for so long, I retired from public school and immediately dived back into the classroom in a parochial school. From my perspective, being a classroom teacher is the best job in the world. In my spare time (is there such a thing as that?) I slog through drafting and revising short memoir pieces along with manuscripts. 


My Community

My writing peeps give me invaluable help. I belong to a couple of writing critique groups, I'm part of a writing accountability group (the Butt-Kickers), and I get so much advice and encouragement from blog comments, it keeps me from getting mired in the rejection emails. Writing is a lonely, discouraging task at times. Being connected to others--especially my students and fellow writers--makes the journey easier.


Join My Journey

Because being a writer involves so much more than just tapping away on a laptop, I'm going to stretch (technology-wise). Instagram. Facebook. Look out!